Angekis One Touch all in one video conferencing

Angekis One Touch all in one video conferencing
Angekis One Touch all in one video conferencing
€ 1.299,00 incl.
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Specificaties One Touch;
- 4K camera (120 graden)
- CMOS censor
- USB3.0 plug and play
- 5x digitale zoon Full HD
- UHD audio speakers
- 4x beam form mic array
- Automatic group framing
- Dimension: B 7.5cm× H 7,5cm × 37,1cm
- Net Weight: 1.5kg
"Plug and pluy" conferentie systeem voor maximaal 8-10 personen. Deze oplossing is voorzien van 4K camera (120 graden) met CMOS sensor, UHD audio 8watt speaker en ingebouwde  beam form microfoon. Sluit direct de One Touch aan via een USB 3.0 aansluiting en u kunt direct connecten met u favorite  vergader dienst.

Groundbreaking 4K Optics
Utilizing the highest quality sensors and a multi-glass lense, the One Touch brings you the sharpest best in class image that makes your video conference feel like you are sitting together in the same room.

5x Zoom
Designed for huddle rooms, the 5x lossless zoom provides crisp, clear imagery at full HD when fully zoomed in.

Best in Class Audio
When we say best in class audio, we mean it. Featuring UHD high fidelity, echo cancellation, dynamic noise reduction, full-duplex, DSP audio processing, and a 4x beamforming mic array, you're virtual meeting will fell like an intimate in-person one.

Angle Remote
Familiar with the anxiety of clicking that remote and nothing happens? Utilizing RF technology our new AnyAngle remotes do just that, they work from any angle, all the time, every time, even if there is an object in the way. 

Group framing
Let the All in One camera do the work with group auto-framing. As people join your meeting the camera will automatically frame them into view!

Plug & Play
Connects to your favourite video conference app, cloud service or audio system via USB3.0 One cable gives you power, video and audio. In One Touch!